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Regulatory Litigation and Consulting

Attorney and CPA -- an experienced and trusted adviser and litigator on utility regulatory matters. 

Practice Areas

Evaluating  potential and filed regulatory matters to determine appropriate resolution approach.

Negotiating and resolving  or, if necessary, litigating rate cases and other regulatory matters.

Developing and implementing legislative and regulatory strategies concerning proposed and potential laws and regulations. 

Representative Experience

• Berry's Chapel Utility, Inc. Petition to Increase Rates and Charges; Tariff to Recover the Cost of Financial Security; Implementation of Pass Throughs for Sludge Removal, Electricity, Chemicals and Purchased Water, Tennessee Public Utility Commission (TPUC) Docket 14-00004.

• Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc. Petition for Revised Rate Schedule 342 and New Rate Schedule 343, TPUC Docket 14-00086, and Tariff to Revise the Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel Tariff and Introduce an Experimental Motor Vehicle Fuel Service Tariff, TPUC Docket 14-00087.

• Tennessee-American Water Company Petition Regarding the 2015 Investment and Related Expenses Under the Qualified Infrastructure Investment Program Rider, the Economic Development Investment Rider, and the Safety and Environmental Compliance Rider, TPUC Docket 14-00121.

• Atmos Energy Corporation Petition for a General Rate Case and Petition to Adopt Annual Review Mechanism and ARM Tariff, TPUC Docket 14-00146.

• Tennessee-American Water Company Petition Regarding the Production Costs and Other Pass-Throughs Rider, TPUC Docket 15-00001.

• Kingsport Power Company d/b/a AEP Appalachian Power – Petition for General Rate Case and Motion for Protective Order, TPUC Docket 16-00001.

• Atmos Energy Petition to Revise Performance Based Ratemaking Mechanism Tariff Rider, TPUC Docket 16-00028.

• Kingsport Power Company d/b/a AEP Appalachian Power Petition for Approval of its Targeted Reliability Plan, and its TRP & MS Rider, an Alternative Rate Mechanism and Motion for Protective Order, TPUC Docket 17-00032.

• Atmos Energy Corporation Petition for Approval of Its 2017 Annual Reconciliation Filing, TPUC Docket 17-00091.

• Chattanooga Gas Company Petition for Approval of an Adjustment in Rates and Tariff; the Termination of the AUA Mechanism and the Related Tariff Changes and Revenue Deficiency Recovery; and an Annual Rate Review Mechanism, TPUC Docket 18-00017.

• Tennessee Water Service, Inc. Petition for Adjustment of Rates and Charges, Approval of a Qualified Infrastructure Investment Program, and Modification to Certain Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Water Service,  TPUC Docket 19-00028.

Central and South West Corporation (electric utility holding company with several separate utility and non-utility operating companies and subsidiaries) - worked on matters related to its regulated and non-regulated businesses, including matters related to financing transactions, securities filings and disclosures, tax matters, mergers and acquisitions activities, operations, legislative initiatives and projects, and regulatory and litigation matters.  

Experience that references TPUC Dockets (above) reflects service as the lead Attorney on referenced matters while at the Tennessee Attorney General's Office. 
For ease of reference, the TPUC Dockets may be found on the TPUC website.

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